MiniMonos Monkey of the Week!

Hello monkeys!

It’s time to announce the Monkey of the Week! Let’s see give a HUGE congratulations to…..Fmono!

Fmono is a great player who loves helping new monkeys on MiniMonos and he loves having fun! 😀

Fmono is very active on MiniMonos even though he’s only been playing for a few months!

He also has his own MiniMonos blog with another mogger called FmonoandTali4492’s MiniMonos Blog!

I know he has really enjoyed MiniMonos since the start! It is a real pleasure to have him on MiniMonos! 😀 I think he totally deserves to be Monkey of the Week! Please remember to congratulate Fmono when you see him, monkeys! ^.^


~MoniMini 😀


About monimini

I'm a 10 year old boy, who loves playing games like MiniMonos and Club Penguin. If you follow me, I'm sure to follow you! I'm a boy living in India...xD

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