New Monkey of the Week!

Hey Monkeys!

So let’s see who is this week’s Monkey of the Week!! Congratulations to…..Cptodayiscool πŸ˜€

Cptodayiscool Cptodayiscool is always fun and participates in quite a few events on MiniMonos, especially those on the Party Master’s blog! It doesn’t matter if she wins or not, what matters the most is that she has fun with everyone else and has fun participating! ^.^

You should check out some of her entries for Bananatastic’s VOTW competitions!One was a music video called ‘Put A banana in your ear (MMMV)‘ and another was based on a theme, which is ‘Colors‘. So click on the links to check out her MiniMonos videos!

Cptodayiscool also created very awesome drawings in the past, as entries to the Humongous, bananatastic art contest giveaway! One entry was a drawing of Mutt with his paint ‘congos’ and the other one was about recycling!

Make sure to tell congratulate Cptodayiscool when you see her around MiniMonos! πŸ˜€

Best bananas,


Congrats CpTodayiscool! You totally deserved it! You’re a great friend! πŸ˜€



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