The MiniMonos Mogger Highlight #1!

One of the great things that makes the MiniMonos community as awesome as it is, is the MiniMonos moggers who blog about MiniMonos on their awesome MiniMonos fan blogs! We’re always noticing your blogs and we must say that they’re really awesome. From now on, each week I will flick through the MiniMonos fan blogs and pick a feature (i.e. blog post, cool widget, background, header) from a fan blog that I like… and post about it for everyone to see!

This week I was browsing through blogs and noticed that Loki Terry, the owner of, created a really cool video all about MiniMonos which he posted on his fan blog! Watch the video below:

Wow Loki! That video was really impressive and to see that you took the time out to make that video and show all of your viewers what MiniMonos is all about, you are definitely a true MiniMonos Mogger! Along with Loki, I noticed a new cool valentines header by Kash and Sonic! Check it out:

Screen shot 2011-02-07 at 7.36.45 PM

Isn’t that awesome? Check it out on their site!

Since you both took the time to make this awesome header just to make your blog look great on valentines day, you are also a true MiniMonos Mogger! That’s the Mogger Highlight for this week, check back for another next week!



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