Monkey Fact Monday Quiz #2 Answers!


Ooooh well done Monkeys! Many of you were spot-on!

I don’t need to put my references down here as MoniMini has done a fantastic job of that already! Click on MoniMini’s link in the comments of the quiz questions below!

So here are the answers:

1. TRUE — Chimps can recognize themselves, along with dolphins and elephants, but not monkeys!

2. FALSE — The Japanese Macaque (snow monkey) actually has a larger brain than most other monkeys!

3. FALSE — most monkeys walk along branches rather than swinging arm-over-arm.

4. FALSE — Silver leaf monkey babies have orange fur!

5. TRUE — Howler monkeys like chilling out for long periods of time!

6. FALSE — See picture above! This is from an article in The Telegraph about a long tailed macaque who adopted a kitten in a forest in Bali! Awwwww! 🙂


Awesome! Did you get them right? 😀



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