Pick Up a Piece of Trash Contest Winner!

Yo monkeys,


Last friday I hosted a Pick up a Piece of Trash contest and TONS of monkeys entered! Before I announce the winner of the contest, I would like to say THANKS to everyone who picked up trash:

Maja, Ninjatigyee, TarHeel4, Zeno, 08sunlight, Wohoo, Minijghrocks, Mioster, Minimomo, Creampie, Tapmancs, Pythagoras, koltor1, Shirtisredcp, Mace, Minipenguitt, Minfa, Rowsy, Jane, Artist, Rowser, Doggy, Funshine, Shoelaces, Mattybon, Nicky, Marbot, Lafan, mimp, bannanarama, and Monkeyrock.

Thanks again to all those 31 monkeys who entered, each and every one of you helped to make the environment more clean and bananalicious! Now, the winner…..

dun dun dun……*drum roll*…….

Congratulations to the one and only…MONKEYROCK! You will recieve your tiger suit and poster very soon!

Also, dont forget to PICK UP TRASH again TODAY! Help keep the environment clean and smelling fresh!

See you soon,


Whoa! Congrats MonkeyRock! 😀 If you didn’t know, I’m hosting a party with MonkeyRock on the 26th! Check out the info HERE. Thanks guys!



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