HUGE MiniMonos Updates!


Yipee! Robots arrive!

Head over to Einstein’s Lab Part 2 to build one!


Now, to build robots, you need certain materiels:

Orrrr, you can buy now with shells! Which, really, FAILS!!!! 75 shells? Really guys? Just earn the items! 😀

Here’s what you and your robot will look like after you get it! 😀

Your robot also has a control system. Just switch it on, and instead of you moving when you click, your robot does! Also, try out his (or her) spotlight button! 😀

😀 But now, your robots started to flicker! Suddenly, he disappears! What happened? D: Well, he died! FOREVER!

Just Kidding! 😀 You can head over to your treehouse to recharge him! 🙂

You can also click a pet to see how much battery it has left, and what it does 🙂

These are the COOLEST updates ever! Totally check them out!

Something you didn’t know may be that the MM Staff gave us hints about this. Look at the machine at the top of the Go Bananas Blog:

It’s the robot machine, just backwards!

Also, the holiday powers have left, but who cares about that? 😀 I love these updates!

What do you guys think! Comment below!



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