Green Bananas!

Hey Guys! Ever seen a new monkey ask, “where can i get clothes” and you’re all like, “well clothes are for members only but you can get a free shirt by completing your top banana card” and they’re like, “wha?????” You know what I’m talking about? xD Well, no more of those conversations! If someone asks where they can get clothes, just tell them to click the HUGE BIG GREEN BANANA at the top right of their screen! 😛

See it? xD Yeah, It’s pretty cool! To get the shirt (and an AWESOME FLAG!) all they have to do is complete six easy tasks!


1) Change your color ata Marco’s!

2) Play ‘Grow’ at Bea’s Place!

3) Walk up and talk to Einstein!

4) Go to your treehouse!

5) Play ‘R.A.T.S.’ at the Recycle Center!

6) Play ‘Monkey Flight’ at Kittyhawk Bluff!

Once you complete all these tasks, you get this message!

Now, not so sure what the free chat means, because chat stays the same, but yeah!

You do, though, get everything else! 😀


Also, if you’ve been playing awhile, you already have the items, just check your inventory! 🙂

Have fun Monkeys!




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