100,000 monkeys already!!

Hi Monkeys, Wohoo Here!

Guess what?? YESS WE have 100,00 monkeys and you know what that means??

Our 100,00 monkey is *drum rolls*………Zac1 So if you see her/him make sure you say congratulations to him 😀

And theres another surprise….Each and Every Monkey will receive a 100,00 monkeys flag!!

Just Look in your inventory and you would have already received a flag

Sweet flag Right?


Awesome! 100,000 monkeys! You know what that means? Epic Party by pretty much everyone on MiniMonos xD But really, it’s awesome! Another cool thing is  if you take a close look at the 100,000 flag, you can see it has animated sparkles! Also, it comes with a gold dot at the top of the pole. 😛 How awesome!

Thanks Monkeys!




About wohoo

I love minimonos :)

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  1. xD I think I was one of the first 500-1000 monkeys online 🙂 And I love the new flag!

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