PERcY’s Pick Up a Piece of Trash Contest Winner #2!

Hey monkeys,

Thanks to everyone who entered this weeks Pick up a Piece of Trash contest! A total of 29 monkeys entered and they are:

Doggy, Maja, fruit, hope, Sonic4572, nicky, minijghrocks, monkeyrockq, rowser, calzone, Minimomo, Perie101, Zeno, Rossbobs, Mioster, Mattybon, Marbot, ace822, Mimp, tarheel4, fishlikescheese, cpdarkrai, Georgie2751, tapmancs, cade77, creampie, bannanarama, fmono, Wohoo.

And the winner of the contest is…*drum roll*……………….HOPE! Congratulations, you will recieve your shells some time next week!

As always, dont forget to pick up trash today! If you pick up paper or plastic, please RECYCLE it!

Have a great weekend,


Wow, PERcY you are so generous! Thank you for donating your own money to this contest — I’m sure Hope will be very excited to receive the shells! @(^_^)@ – Manx


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