100,000 Monkeys on MiniMonos!

This past weekend on MiniMonos has been BANANAMAZING!

As you will probably know, last week MiniMonos was very close to 100,000 players and after we aired on an Australian TV program this weekend, we broke sign-up records and very quickly passed over 100,000 registered players!

Awesome Australian monkeys filled the island all weekend, celebrating this great accomplishment on MiniMonos that we couldn’t have done without EACH OTHER!

Screen shot 2011-02-27 at 5.23.26 PM
All of us staff at MiniMonos want to THANK all of you monkeys for being so AWESOME!

All monkeys should log on and check for a new item at their treehouse because you may have noticed… Everyone has been given a 100,000 flag to celebrate the occasion!

This so awesome!

100,000 monkeys could mean 100,000 different things to all of us… so we want to know: What does MiniMonos reaching 100,000 monkeys mean to you?

Leave a comment and let us know!

“Whoa awesome! 😀 Here’s my comment:

It’s so awesome! 100,000, and not even out of Beta! 😀 MiniMonos is growing fast. So cool! You guys are just great leaders and really make the game, from See You Sunday to playing with us in-world. I think MM is the best virtual world. EVER! xD Congrats on 100,000 guys. We rock! 😀

Thanks monkeys!



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