MiniMonos Updates!

Hey Monkeys! MiniJ here! MORE UPDATESS!!! AHHH!!!!!

Login right off and see MM is Launching out of Beta! 😀

Head to Castle Beach to see what they mean…

Go to the Bananza sign and see…

Whoa! That’s right! Login every day one week to get BETA ITEMS!!!!! Woot! Don’t miss the part on April 1st, either! 😀

Check out this new feature! A new camera feature! See something cool? Take a picture of it!

Also, you’ll notice features have moved around…

First, language and mute moved to the top right. Also, the chatter button became smaller. Plus, the new camera feature! 😀 Next, ALL CATALOGS IN ANY CATALOG ROOM MOVED TO THE TOP OF THE SCREEN! 😛

Whoa! Updated Journal about Beta Launch! And did Einstein say a new pet!!?? :OO

Yep! That’s right! This new robot’s name is Boltz! Members can make him and everyone can buy him! 🙂

He looks AWESOME!

Head to Long Beach to check out these AWESOME head figures!

Just stick your head in!

And now, a SERVER update. If you head over to BOUNTY, you’ll see this feature has returned…

Monkeys can sleepwalk again! Awesome! How cool is that?

Hope you like the updates!



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