MiniMonos High Scores!


Woohoo! Do you monkeys remember me? Calypso! Yep, I’ll be covering a lot of the weekly Go Bananas blog posts from now on! Anyways, lets jump into last weeks high scores!

Will Monkey Flight high scores:

Woah! Look at those scores! Keep it up monkeys.

took 1st place Slash came in 2nd, and Policeman655 was 3rd place! Good going monkeys!

Flip Recycle game high scores:

Bananarrific bins, monkeys!


takes the gold with 2st place! Gretzkky99 comes in 2nd place and Manny138 was 3rd! Nice job monkeys!

Flip Go Go Green high scores:

Go go green monkeys! xD


Misy ranks 1st place! Arran comes in 2nd place and Poppy was 3rd! Bananamazing!

Igor TicTacPoo high scores:

Goodness! The same three monkeys again!

monkeymite came in 1st place second week in a row! BannanaRama came in 2nd also second week in a row! Cade77 comes in 3rd place! Way to go monkeys!

Bea Grow high scores:

Great gardens, monkeys! XD

came in 1st! Barbierupunzel takes 2nd place! Peppi came in 3rd! Sweet!!

Great job all you monkeys on the high scores this week! I can’t wait to see who makes it on the top scores next week!

Woohoo! Keep it up!



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