Heyy Monkeys, Wohoo here


There is a new party game that every monkey can play for shells…It is called


monkey see monkey do!


How to play Monkey See – Monkey Do: Bananatastic will say a word, phrase, sit, or jump.Your job is to be the first monkey to copy him correctly.


The final tournament winners will receive the following prizes:

  • First place: 6 Month Gold Membership 1 Year Gold Membership
  • Second place: 1 Month Gold Membership 6 month Gold Membership
  • Third place: 1 Month Gold Membership

SO from every Beta Bananaz party, Bananatastic will host this game. You will get 3 rounds to play. The monkey who wins that from will get a chance to compete in the Monkey see Monkey do finals, on the last day of the party!


It was great to know that I was one of the first monkeys to play Monkey see Monkey Do!

Here are the winners for the first party!

  • Minijghrocks
  • Sonic 4572
  • Phillies

But remember if you don’t win today, there are much more parties you can win at, so don’t give up









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I love minimonos :)

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