Hey Monkeys,

El Launcho Today is BANANAMAZING for all of us monkeys!  It’s MiniMonos’ birthday, MiniMonos is officially out of beta and the Beta Bananaza has started!

We want to celebrate BIG with all of you monkeys so we invite you all to join us today on MiniMonos for our birthday celebration party which is also the Beta Bananaza kick off party!

We’ll have 2 birthday parties today on Star Tiger at Kittyhawk Bluff.

The first party is at 3:00 PM monkey time and the second party is at 9:00 PM monkey time!

One of the big events that will be happening at each party this week, is a Monkey-See-Monkey-Do challenge! Each party will have 3 Monkey-See-Monkey-Do finalists and those finalists will be invited to the Monkey See – Monkey Do final tournament on April 7th!


How to play Monkey See – Monkey Do: Bananatastic will say a word, phrase, sit, or jump. Your job is to be the first monkey to copy him correctly!

The final tournament winners will receive the following prizes:

  • First place: 6 Month Gold Membership
  • Second place: 1 Month Gold Membership
  • Third place: 1 Month Gold Membership

For monkeys who aren’t so great at Monkey-See-Monkey-Do (like EcoMom!) don’t worry! There’s going to be an opportunity for you to win too, the day of the big tournament…but we’ll tell you a little more about that at a later time!

Make sure you have your party clothes and game faces on!

— Banantastic and the MiniMonos Team!

*P.S. Don’t forget to log onto MiniMonos for the next 7 days, starting today, and fire the beta cannon to get your super cool BETA item on April 7th!*


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