Monkey see Monkey Do FINAL ROUND!

Hey Monkeys,

So far, the Beta Bananaza has been absolutely amazing and a ton of fun!

Remember, tomorrow is our last day and we’re going to be holding two final Beta Bananaza parties!

At the second party, 3:00 PM monkey time, the Monkey-See-Monkey-Do (MSMD) FINAL tournament is ON!

Screen shot 2011-04-06 at 7.03.13 PM

Check out the list of all of the monkeys who won MSMD games during the Beta Bananaza parties this week!  These monkeys now go through to the grand final for a chance to win a 1 YEAR MINIMONOS GOLD MEMBERSHIP! Woohoo!!

If you’re on this list make sure you come! If your friend is on the list, come and support them!  You have a chance to win prizes too!  Here are our finalists so far:

Phillies McDonalds

Mikep01 LokiTerry

Flappy MiniJghRocks

Sonic4572 CpDarkrai

Jenval1031 Zoo

Codoyote Shoelaces

Gummy Angie6392

Awesome job monkeys! See you at the grand final of MSMD at the last MiniMonos Beta Bananaza party! Click here for more information on the MiniMonos Beta Bananaza.


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