The Green Idea!

Hey Monkeys! Guess what! I have another Green Idea post for you! 😀 This week, we’ll be talking about the idea behind electric cars.

Now, have you ever thought, “What’s the point? Pollution still comes out at the factories that make the energy.” Well you’re totally RIGHT! Pollution does still come out at the factories. BUT, think about all the cars in the world and their exhaust pipes shooting out smoke.

(Yes I made it xDD)



Cars are everywhere, so all that pollution gets spread out really far pretty much EVERYWHERE. That’s bad! That means all that smoke rises everywhere, depleting the ozone.


Now, think about a factory that produces electric power. The smoke all comes out of pillars. BUT, the company can control it to where less pollution goes out. Another good thing about factories is that all the pollution is in a single area, instead of all spread out. YAY!


So, the idea behind electric cars is to lower pollution a little bit and keep the pollution from spreading all over entire cities and pretty much anywhere there’s a road ^.^ That’s awesome! So, never think like, “electric cars are so pointless” or anything, because they really do help 🙂

Thanks Monkeys!



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