FIRST Fan Art Friday OUT OF BETA! :D :D

Hey monkeys!

We got so many pictures sent in from all the Beta Bananaza parties this week that a special Beta Bananaza video was called for! It was really hard to fit them all in the video! Hopefully you got to come along to at least one of the awesome parties we had this week! If not, you can check out the cool pictures here:

And one of the pictures was so cool that we decided to feature it in this blog post — check out BannanaRama’s MiniMonos Board Game! (Click on it to see the bigger view)

Bananaramas FAOTM

How monkeyriffic is that?! @(^_^)@ So cool! Thank you to everymonkey for sending in such awesome party pictures! You rock so much! If you haven’t sent any in before, you can send them to gwenw(at)minimonos(dot)com!

:O Monkeys- if you mouse over Bananarama’s art, it says FAOTM, which most likely stands for Fan Art Of The Month. Could this become a monthly thing? :O A single featured picture maybeh :O How cool!

Thanks Monkeys!



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