OMG! PERcY’s Pick Up A Piece of Trash Friday SHELL Contest: #3!

Hey monkeys,

Percyput Since Minimonos has released EcoMonkeys and launched out of Beta, I thought it would be great to have another Pick up Trash contest! What I want you to do is come up with an idea on how something can keep the environment clean. Yes, it seems like a piece of cake, but there are some requirements:

– Your idea must be original.

– Your idea can be a “long-term” idea. For example, in the future we could possibly build transformers that can drive around and pick up trash all day long.

– Your idea must be CREATIVE! Take some time and think it out…the more you think it out the better chance of you winning this contest! 🙂

– You can only submit two ideas maximum.

Submit your ideas on this post by commenting on this post with your idea AND your monkey name! Next Friday, I will then announce the winners! Oh, I almost forgot, the prizes are…

1st Place: 25 SHELLS

2nd Place: 15 SHELLS

3rd Place: 10 SHELLS

Have fun with this contest! Remember, be creative! Your ideas can be totally wacky… and you can make your ideas something that could possibly benefit the environment in the present or future!

Enjoy your weekend,


Now monkeys, since this isn’t a contest through our blog, comments on here won’t actually count xDD So, to comment for your chance to win, click right about here. No, here. Ahhh, nope, it’s right HERE. Yeah, right there. xDD Thanks Monkeys!


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