Special Easter surprise?

Heyy monkeys, Wohoo here 🙂

I was checking my email and got a Minimonos newsletter!

You can click on the picture or here to go to it or you can check your email 🙂

Discounts on MM real T-shirt  

   There is going to be a discount for Minimonos real   T-shirts! Sweet! Scroll down the letter for coupon codes! Are you going to buy a shirt? If so which one?

Special Easter activity  

  What do you think this will be? Maybe a free item once there is a certain number of monkeys in the meadow?  Maybe something involving the easter bunny?

So what do you think? Make sure you enter the See you Sunday Theme song contest!

We’ll love to hear your ideas so comment:)




About wohoo

I love minimonos :)

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  1. Hehehe, this is awesome! How exciting! Easter egg hunts are always fun….

    Keep up the good work on your site!

    Best Bananas,

  2. I’m thinking that we will be turned into an easter bunny once we say the “word”! 😀 -Hi

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