Eggs, Eggs and more Eggs!

Hey monkeys,

Remember the easter surprise I posted about?  Well, guess what?!  It is something involving free items and the easter bunny! In-fact it also involves a parrot. Now you may be thinking what does a parrot have to do with this but I’ll tell you about it!

First you need to go to  Butterfly meadow and grab a basket!

Then you will get your eggs powers! Egg hunt & Eggs forever.


In ur chat-bar type in “egg hunt”. You will turn into an easter bunny and and other monkeys will turn into eggs!  You will have to chase other monkeys,(in this case eggs.) If you catch them they will turn into monkeys again.  Just like pie time except you can only  be an easter bunny for one minute there is a timer at the top reminding you how much time is left.


In your chat-bar type in Eggs forever.Parrots will come down flying dropping colourful eggs!

These powers can only work in the meadow and may only be for easter, so you better go down and have fun with it before it goes away!

What do you think about the new powers? Do you like being an easter bunny or egg?

Note: Click on picture to enlarge

~wohoo 🙂


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I love minimonos :)

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