MiniMonos High Scores!

Woohoo! Time for the Weekly High Scores! Lets get to it. 🙂

Will Monkey Flight high scores:

Cloud Catchin’ Monkeys!

Congratulations to Cid for coming in 1st with 5344 clouds, WOAH! Llahxam was 2nd, and Johnm1234 was 3rd place! Nice work!

Flip Recycle game high scores:

Lovin’ these scores monkeys! xD


Ignatiustan came in first with a total of 3276 items recycled! JbJs was 2nd place and Shani5 was 3rd! I see some new monkey names up there, GREAT job! 😀

Flip Go Go Green high scores:

Green Monkeys! 😀


Momu came in 1st with a score of 366,250! LilyG was 2nd place and Sparkcharm2 was 3rd! Nice scores you have there monkeys. 🙂

Igor TicTacPoo high scores:

Can I get a WOOT WOOT? ^.^

BannanaRama came in 1st place! Monkeyrock came in 2nd! Georgie2751 was 3rd! Wow!! Nice going monkeys! 😀

Bea Grow high scores:

Grow grow grow!!

was in 1st! Oohoohahhahh was 2nd! Enthiran came in 3rd! Bananamazing!

Love all the new high scores monkeys! Enjoy your week monkeys, see you around the island! ^.^



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