Monthly Masterpiece Voting BEGINS!

Hey Artist Monkeys!Mmp

All submitted monthly masterpieces have been rounded up and they’re absolutely amazing!

Remember the topic?:

Theme: MiniMonos Beta Bananaza Photo Challenge!

Objective: Take a maximum of 7 pictures of you and your monkey friends throughout last month’s MiniMonos Beta Bananaza and put your best snaps together in some great way!

I just wanted to give a big shout-out to EVERY monkey who participated!  Check out our AWESOME top 11 masterpieces!:

1bananana.png (30×30)Shirtisredcp

2bananana.png (30×30)Hockey813(1)(2)

3bananana.png (30×30)Rexmonos   

4bananana.png (30×30)08sunlight

5bananana.png (30×30)Lokiterry

6bananana.png (30×30)Monkeyrock

7bananana.png (30×30)Marbot  Tech error — entry to be posted soon! 🙂

8bananana.png (30×30)Tapmancs

9bananana.png (30×30)Gizzles42

10bananana.png (30×30)BannanaRama

11 bananana.png (30×30)MiniJghRocks

Some of these pictures you may need to click on to make them larger.

So now it’s time for YOU to vote for your favorite, on the poll below!

The winner will receive 100 shells, second and third place will receive a 1-month gold membership!

Good luck everyone! The winners will be announced soon!  Until then…get voting!


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