New MiniMonos High Scores!

Ready to start off this week great with some high scores? 😀 I am! Let’s go!

Will Monkey Flight high scores:

The sky’s the limit, monkeys. ^.^

Sweet! Nice job, Limocho for coming in 1st with 4288 clouds! Al8lie was 2nd and Eeeble was 3rd place! Whoop! 😀

 Recycle game high scores:

Rockin’ Recyclers!

came in first with a total of 2266 items recycled — good job Buddy! Coolad was 2nd place and Nutzz was 3rd! Nice scores monkeys!

Flip Go Go Green high scores:

Double G Green Monkeys! :O

Tuck came in first on the list with a score of 439,750! WOAH! 4nim4l received 2nd place and LilyG came in 3rd.  Very close call, though!

Igor TicTacPoo high scores:

I sense a TicTacPoo challenge coming… 😉

Coleiscool came in 1st place, Woot! Tapmancs came in 2nd! Beta was 3rd! Nice job Monkeys!! Keep it up! ^_^

Bea Grow high scores:

Whats your best game? 😀 Mines 17! Woot!

was 1st! XcaliberX8 was 2nd! Momu came in 3rd! Great job monkeys!

Looks like this week is going to be a good one! How could it not? Did you see those high scores!? WOW! Keep it up monkeys. 🙂



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