New Monkey Fact Monday: Yawn’s Spider Monkey Facts!

Hey Monkeys!

Yawn here — posting Monkey Fact Monday this week!

I haven’t posted on the Go Bananas blog for a while so I brought along some facts about Spider Monkeys to share!

Here they are:

1. A Spider Monkey’s life span is on average 30 years. Wow that’s a lot!
2. Did you know that a Spider Monkey’s group name is called a troop?
3. A female Spider Monkey can only give birth to 1 baby every 2-5 years!

Hope you enjoyed Monkey Fact Monday — great talking with you monkeys again. 🙂

Best Bananas!


Woah! Those are some nice facts you shared with us Yawn! Good to have you posting on the GB blog this week. The Spider monkeys are so adorable. Thank you! -Calypso


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