Minimonos new updates!

Heyy monkeys Wohoo here, Just finished Naplan!

If you don’t already know about the 1 month gold membership scavenger hunt click here no here XD The scavenger hunt is pretty easy and I’m sure you’ll finish it 😉 Note: The next link for the membership is not on the post! It’s on a another post on the 2nd page…

To the Minimonos update News.

New scratch screen

Isn’t so epic that there is a scratch screen advertising the Pirates vs ninjas party? Don’t remember? click here 🙂

New hair 

There’s new hair for everyone! That’s right you heard me read it right, there’s hair for everyone not just for Gold members… Yay!


New Banner!

Minimonos has been advertising the Pirate vs Ninja party a-lot lately, and one of the ways Minimonos has been advertising is by putting up a banner!

It’s gonna be a huge party! Hope you can come!

Gil’s Scuba

If you go to the lagoon, you’ll notice there looks like some sort of store with scuba gear…However you can’t seem to buy anything.

Just a few possibilities:

An oxygen tank, where you can breath underwater longer, Super Flippers, where you can swim really fast!, A net, where you can grab more rubbish  


Tree house Journals

From now on every-time you visit another monkey’s tree-house, you can click on that monkey’s journal while at their tree-house.                                                                                                                                                          Isn’t it AWESOME!! Here what it looks like at Cpdarkrai’s tree house!

Do you like these updates? Do you think there should of been pie updates? Or maybe there is…What do you think? Leave a comment on your thoughts:)



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