New Treehouse Of The Week!

Hey guys, it’s time for a new Treehouse Of  The Week! Let’s check out this weeks winner!

Treehouseofweek (5)
Hey Monkeys! 😀 Treehouse of the week time again! Wow, I had a TON of messages from monkeys wanting me to check out their treehouses this week, which was awesome!

I have to say, it was an incredibly difficult choice for me again, but I finally settled on one I really enjoyed!

Check out this awesome treehouse which belongs to Zigs! 😀

Isn’t it just amazing? Sitting on the floor, I felt as if I was actually in a pirate ship! Woah, it was rocking!

My favorite part of Zigs’ treehouse has to be the map of MiniMonos Island on the left side of his house! It goes well with his pirate theme! Hmmm…wonder what Zigs is going to be at thePirates vs Ninjas party? 🙂

Overall, great job Zigs! I hope everyone has a great week, only a few more weeks of school for the U.S monkeys, I bet you’re all excited!

— Calypso

Woah congratz Zigs, your treehouse is just amazing!



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