New- Top Banana Card! WHOA!

Hey Monkeys! Sneaky Badgerhid a BIG Update! Most of the bloggers couldn’t find it, since we’d already passed the rank of green banana, but through the help of Badgers tweets, I was the first to find it! 😀 SO here it is!

If you have completed green banana, but not top banana, this yellow banana will appear in the corner.

Epic Banana, right? xD

Well ANYWAYS, if you click the banana, it takes you to the new and improved Top Banana card, which is also very epicly animated!

Pretty cool right?

To be a top banana you must:

Collect 3 baskets of strawberries

Buy something from the Traderz Catalog

Earn your white armbands in Monkey Fist

Clean the water to make new fish appear at the Lagoon

Take a photo of three monkeys on the Bimini Rocks Stage

Collect 100 clouds and monkey flight

The rewards for becoming a Top Banana are:

And AWESOME Top Banana Icon!

TWO MORE haircuts to get at Traderz!

An epic tshirt for your monkey!

Some cool stuff for your treehouse! Awesome! 😀

Pretty cool huh?

Thanks Monkeys!


(Psst… Since we found it first, we’d appreciate ypu giving credit to MiniMonosExpress. We can’t really MAKE you, since it’s in-world MiniMonos and you’d have the ability to find it yourself, but without us, you wouldn’t know about it, so please? 🙂 )


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  1. I found that yesterday too! I was helping a friend out. It is so cool!

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