New MiniMonos Monkey of the Week!

Monkey of the week is here once again! I hope you’re all ready! *drumroll*

This monkey has gone above and beyond in everything he has worked in! He is an Eco-Monkey who has won over three different contests. He has also been in the weekly high scores more than a few times! XD

We’re happy to announce that this week’s Monkey of the Week is… Mioster!

MiosterThis is one of the contests Mioster was lucky enough to win:  Mioster wins Funniest Monkey!

Mioster just recently completed his Eco-Project, it’s one you don’t want to miss: Mioster’s completed Eco-Project! His Eco-Project really showed us how eco-friendly he and his family are. 🙂 It’s good to know how much our monkeys care about the Earth!

Thank you Mioster for being a great monkey! We are so glad to have you on MiniMonos. 🙂

Want to be featured on Monkey of the Week next week? Its easy! Just do what you think will make you stand out from all the other monkeys on MiniMonos! Complete an eco-project, welcome new monkeys, comment on the Go Bananas blog, talk with us in world and make yourself known!


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