Banana Bash

Hey monkeys! It’s Rainforest! 😀

MiniMonos just released an EPIC, AMAZING, BANANATASTIC, SUPERB (I think my point is made) update!! This is something new called Bonus Bash!

You can find this activity in the Info Center. This lets you… well, get bonuses! But, you can’t just walk up and start bashing it. You need tickets!

Thankfully, these are pretty easy to get. Let’s see how to get the tickets:

  • Bronze Ticket: Simply invite one of your friends. It’s that easy!
  • Silver Ticket: Your friend needs to sign up to MiniMonos and put you as the invitee.
  • Gold Ticket: Either you or your friend who signed up, buys some shells or banana chips!

The difference between the tickets is the prizes you get. Bronze tickets give the smallest prizes, while Gold tickets give the biggest! You’ll have to play for yourself to see the EXACT prizes. (I’m telling you though… they’re GREAT!) Take a look at my first play!

I played with a bronze ticket, and I was SOOO HAPPY to get a WHOLE 5 chips!! I’M RICH!! Haha, even with my small prize, it was still an awesome game.

I can’t wait to get some different tickets! So head to the Info Center and play Bonus Bash! 😀


~how epically awesome is this? What do you think about it?


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I love minimonos :)

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  1. Amazing website ~wohoo thanks

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