MiniMonos Now Accepts Zeevex Pre-Paid Cards!


Read on for a bananamazing weekend giveaway!

We have an exciting announcement!  Monkeys who live in the United States can now use Zeevex prepaid cards for items and 12-month memberships!

Here’s how to use your Zeevex card on MiniMonos:

STEP 1. Purchase a Zeevex card from one of over 50,000 Zeevex retailers throughout the US, like CVS, GameStop, Walgreens, Toys’R’Us, 7Eleven and Rite Aid.

STEP 2. Just click on your monkey and on the picture of the item you’d like to buy, like you usually do.

The payment page now looks like this:


Step 3:  Follow the steps to redeem your Zeevex tokens for Banana Chips, Shells, or a 12-month membership. (Zeevex is not available for recurring memberships.) If it’s your first time using Zeevex, you will be asked you to join (it’s quick and free to join!).


We want to celebrate the launch of Zeevex cards with you! So here’s what we’re doing this weekend:

  • Use your Zeevex card to buy Shells or Chips, and we’ll DOUBLE the number of Shells or Chips you buy!
  • Use your Zeevex card to buy a 12-month membership, and we’ll throw in an extra ONE HUNDRED SHELLS, worth US$9.95!

Note: Your extra Chips and Shells will appear in your account on Monday May 30th.

Let us know what you think of being able to use Zeevex cards on MiniMonos now!! 🙂


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