MiniMonos Pirate and Ninja Drawing Contest!

Hey monkeys,

Zoo and Tommypp are hosting a really cool contest that starts today!


Here’s what Zoo and Tommypp have to say:

Greetings Monkeys. Zoo and Tommypp here. We’ve teamed up to bring you all a great contest!

This contest is pretty easy. All you have to do is draw a pirate and/or ninja monkey in real life (not on the computer please).

We felt this would be a great way to end the Pirate vs. Ninja theme on Minimonos!!  Good luck. We can’t wait to see your creative drawings 🙂

Very cool! The prizes have been very generously donated by Zoo and are awesome! To see what the prizes are, click the word ‘prizes’ below, in Zoo’s picture:


So that’s 2 pirate suits, 2 ninja suits, 50 Go Pirates xPowers and 50 Go Ninjas xPowers! WOOT!

All entries are due no later than this Sunday, June 5 so get drawing as soon as you can!

When your entry is done, leave it as a comment here on this post or email it to: bananatastic(at)minimonos (dot)com.

Happy drawing, monkeys!


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