Monkey Fact Monday: Similarities between Monkeys and Us!

Have you ever wondered how similar we are to monkeys? Monkeys are very close to us humans in the animal world!

There are so many things that monkeys can do just like us. They have opposable thumbs, they eat with their hands and some can even communicate with people (in different ways than talking!).

If you’re like me, you love to climb trees. This is something many species of monkeys are known for! Us MiniMonos monkeys live in treehouses ourselves! Haha.

I found the perfect tree today, and just had to climb it:

0401 Monkeys love to swing and hang off trees, swinging on branches and rolling in the grass, or just grooming each other!

Monkeys1Monkeys are incredibly intelligent. As I have posted about before, there is actually a monkey who has learned sign language! He’s super cool. 🙂

Monkeys also use a lot of available resources in their day-to-day lives, just like us humans.  They even know how to use some basic tools, unlike nearly every other animal!

Just like monkeys, you and I have parents until we are ready to leave the home and start our own life.  This might not be until we are 18 or older, but for some monkeys its only a few years — maybe even as young as 2 years!

Overall, we are very similar to monkeys. I had a great time with this post! Enjoy your week monkeys! ^.^



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