Let’s talk about- EcoMonkeys! :D

Hey Monkeys! I’ve decided to do something new on this blog! Whenever someone leaves a question in a comment, I’ll write a post about it explaining it, because usually more than just one person has the same question.

This post, though, I decided to talk about myself, because lots of monkeys aren’t aware!

So, have you ever seen a monkey on MiniMonos with an Earth shirt like this?

Well, that means they’re an EcoMonkey!

So, what is and EcoMonkey?

An Ecomonkey is a MiniMonos Monkey who has done a cool real life project that helps the environment! Projects can be big or small, from changing lightbulbs out to new ones, to cleaning up your entire community! (Check out all the projects HERE)

The point behind EcoMonkeys is to get us kids involved in helping in the real world and truly helping the environment, instead of just playing on the computer.

So, how do you become an EcoMonkey? First, you’ll have to email EcoMom at Adread(at)minimonos(dot)com and make sure your project is a big enough project to count! (Check out some project ideas HERE)

Then, you need to finish your project and send it in! After sent in, it will be posted on the EcoMonkey blog so everyone can see the awesome work you did, and you’ll get a cool EcoMonkey Spinning Earth shirt! Cool!

Now, why am I telling you about this? It’s because there’s only 50 spots for EcoMonkeys, of which 32 spots have already been taken. So that means only 18 more monkeys can become one! So, you need to act QUICK!

If you have any other questions about EcoMonkeys, leave a comment below!

Thanks for visiting!


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