Treehouse(s) of the Week? :D

Treehouseofweek (6)
This week I received an email from EcoMom about a certain monkey who had made tons of designed treehouses! My first thought was… “WOAHHH!!!” Then I was like “SWEET!” Lastly I said “Treehouse of the week!” Haha.

This week was a bit hard for me though. I couldn’t just choose ONE of their treehouses, I had to choose them all. So I had our fantastic Bananatastic put together an amazing video going through each of Chimp’s treehouse designs! šŸ™‚ Check this out:

Chimp did a great job with each treehouse he made. You can see he even made a different one for a few of his fellow Monkeys! I really liked how nice Chimp was to even send these in, he didn’t want to win Treehouse of the Week, he just wanted to show us his skills! šŸ™‚

Thank you so much for all the work you put into these treehouses Chimp! My favorite has to be the “MM” treehouse! But they all are so great. xD

If you monkeys ever want me to check out your treehouse, feel free to send me — Or any MiniMonos Staff member — a message in world, and I’ll check it out! šŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see your treehouse. ^.^


Whoa Chimp! Cool treehouse designs! I have to agree the MM is pretty cool! ^.^ Congrats!


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