Monkey of the Week!

Monkeyofweekupdate (3)
Hey Monkeys!

We hope everyone is excited for this post of Monkey of the Week! 🙂 It gets harder and harder for us to choose a monkey for this, but it always comes down to one monkey who truly deserves it. After a long debate this week, we have decided Biplane deserves Monkey of the week!

BiplaneBiplane is a fairly new monkey to MiniMonos, but he sure has done a great deal of helping out! 😀 He’s been featured on the Party Master’s blog, and even started his own blog!

Can we get a WOOT WOOT for having such a great monkey on MiniMonos? 🙂 Hehe. We are very impressed with the impact Biplane has done since he started. MiniMonos staff is very glad to welcome him aboard!

Last but not least, congratulations Biplane! Thank you for being a great monkey, and keep up the great work!

Want to be featured on Monkey of the Week next week? Its easy! Just do what you think will make you stand out from all the other monkeys on MiniMonos! Complete an eco-project, welcome new monkeys, comment on the Go Bananas blog, talk with us in world and make yourself known!

Woot! Congrats BiPlane! You totally deserved this! Even though you’re a pretty new monkey, you’ve already gotten the Mogger Highlight AND Monkey of the Week! Congrats! 🙂


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