World Enivornment Day- June 5th!

Hey Monkeys! Today (yesterday for some monkeys) is World Environment Day!

This years theme for WED is “Forests: Nature at Your Service.” This theme is raising the awareness of the importance of our forests and how to keep the forests and it’s ecosystems healthy! After doing some research, I found out that this year’s event is being “hosted” in India! It gave a pretty good explanation why, so here it is!

“India is a country of 1.2 billion people who continue to put pressure on forests especially in densely populated areas where people are cultivating on marginal lands and where overgrazing is contributing to desertification.

But the Indian Government has also found solutions. While the socio-economic pressures on the country’s forests are tremendous, India has instituted a tree-planting system to combat land-degradation and desertification, including windbreaks and shelterbelts to protect agricultural land.”


Makes sense right? Now, for this day, I obviously don’t expect you to go out and plant thousands of trees in a forest to make it healthier. But, just help the world in some way! Pick up trash, plant flowers, plant a tree, recycle old papers to save trees, anything! Just get up and help the planet!

Happy World Enivornment Day! 🙂


*Click here for the Official World Enivironment Day Website*

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