Weekly Wonder

Haii Monkeys, Guess what I got featured in the weekly-wonder!

Here is Bananantastic’s post on the weekly wonder:

Last week I asked, “If you could have any animal as a pet… what would it be and why?”.

Wohoo said: If I could choose any pet to have it would be a rainbow ninja flying unicorn! When I was younger I would always dream of flying and my unicorn would do just that, help me fly 🙂 Haha that’s very cool Wohoo! If had a pet unicorn that could fly then I would use it to fly to poor countires and give hungry children food :)(Yay)


This week we want to know: Lots of monkeys are starting their summer vacation soon… do you have any big eco activites you want to complete over the summer? If so, what are they? Leave a comment and let us know for a chance to be featured in next weeks Weekly Wonder!

Epic! So what eco friendly activities are you gonna do this summer? Hehee.

B.T.W I’m gonna start doing a ‘Fun Fact’ at the end of every post 🙂

Fun fact- The first monkey in space was Albert II, who flew on June 14 1949!

Enjoy ~wohoo

Ps. There’s a new post in the weekly interview section click here 🙂 to check it out



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