MiniMonos High Scores!

That time once again! 🙂 Weekly high scores, lets do this!

Will Monkey Flight high scores:

Grab your wings and LETS GO!

Jada01 came in first with 3,137 clouds collected, very nice! Hime0807 was 2nd with 1,815 clouds and Serafina12 was 3rd place! Cool!

Flip Recycle game high scores:

Real Recyclers ROCK! 😉


came in first with a total of 2,394 items recycled! Great job! momu was 2nd place and bubulubu16 was 3rd! :O Nice scores.


Flip Go Go Green high scores:

G to the O. GO. GO. GREEN!


Trezor came in first on the list with a score of 1,026,250! WOW! Is that a MiniMonos record? Hmm…and blad3000 received 2nd place and rosatela came in 3rd.  🙂 Fantastic Scores!

Igor TicTacPoo high scores:

TicTacPoo high scores are always great! ^.^

petrasciuc came in 1st place, nice! BannanaRama came in 2nd! georgie2751 was 3rd! Keep up the great work Monkeys!

Bea Grow high scores:

Why does this game always make me want strawberries? Mmm’ so yummy!

was 1st! Jaszy123 was 2nd! irina81 came in 3rd! Sweet! 😀

Great job monkeys! 🙂 Keep up all the great scores, find a buddy and challenge them to see who will win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place this week!  😀



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