Monkey Fact Monday- Monkey Eye Color!

When you think of a monkey’s eye color, you think “brown”, correct?  Have you ever seen a monkey with blue eyes? Or green?  I have to say, it is possible!

Just like humans, animals can have different colored eyes, but let’s look at monkeys. The most common monkey which has blue eyes, is a Spider Monkey (you might have heard of this type of monkey in another Monkey Fact Monday. They are very clever!) 🙂

Blue eyed

As you can see from the picture above, this is one of the blue-eyed Spider Monkeys! 🙂 Though blue eyes on a monkey aren’t very common, green eyes are even less common!

I wonder how many monkeys there are in the world who don’t have brown eyes?… Hmm, something to think about for sure. 😀

Hope all you North American monkeys have a great last few days of school! Am I the only one who doesn’t want it to end? 😦 Hehe! Later Monkeys!


Awesome! 😀 Honestly, I’ve never thought of a monekys eye color before, but now I know they’re not just brown. Coolio! Awesome post Calypso!


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