World Enivorment Day (WED)- Offical Post!

MoniMini profile Yo Monkeys! MoniMini here!

What’s up? Did you realize something was in the air last weekend? The title says it all! Yes, we celebrated World Environment Day (WED) on June 5!

The whole world was abuzz with green activities, from planting small saplings at home to organizing big ‘Plantathons’: green rallies which spread the message  of sustainability. So here are a few tidbits about this grand event-

— WED is run by the United Nations and began in 1972.

— WED is a day for people to create a better planet for themselves and future generations.

— WED is hosted every year by a different city. The city for this year was India and the theme was: Forests: Nature At Your Service.

WED logo Forests cover about one-third of the Earth’s land mass, and all of us depend on them for our survival. They are important to protect us from climate change, by releasing oxygen into the atmosphere and storing carbon dioxide.

Thousands of eco-activities were organized for WED!  And what about ME?  I couldn’t have just fooled around while the world was buzzing with environmental activities!

WED planting Here’s what I was ‘supposed’ to do:  I had planned that we would buy a sapling tree that day. We decided to visit the nursery in the afternoon but just 2 hours prior to that, strong winds started blowing and there was a storm. Trees were falling, metal roof coverings were even flying in the air!

But that won’t stop me from getting my sapling! We will go to the nursery this Sunday and buy the sapling, then plant it.  I’ll keep you posted, monkeys!

Though the WED has already passed, you monkeys can still participate to protect the environment, maybe through an EcoMonkey project, like the one I did!

So what are you gonna do?  Comment and let us know!

— MoniMini


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