MiniMonos Monkey of the Week!

Monkeyofweekupdate (2)
Hey Monkeys! Can you guess why we are here today? Hmmm, did the big banner give it away or the title? Hehe. Anyways, we have a very special monkey we would like to recognize! 🙂 This monkey has done so much around the MiniMonos community!

We are happy to name TommyPP as Monkey of the Week!

TommyppTommyPP is a great monkey to us. He is one of the most active monkeys around! He attends our weekly ‘See You Sunday‘ live show, and is active in that as well!

This monkey has been featured many times on the Go Bananas blog, and he helped out a ton at the Pirates Vs. Ninjas party — he was chosen as one of the best Pirates there!

Tommypp is also helping host the Ninja & Pirate Drawing Contest with Zoo! You should definitely check that out!

We are very glad to have him with us! Congratulations, Tommypp!

Congratulations once again! 🙂



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I'm a young nerdfighter and MiniMonos player who lives in Victoria, Australia.

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