Special Fan art Friday….Theme

Heyy monkeys,

It’s only a few more days until Fan art Friday, but there’s a catch…

It’s a themed Fan art Friday….Here’s what Manx had to say:

Yo, monkeys!


This week we’d like to do have a different sort of Fan Art Friday — aspecial edition Furry Friend Friday!

Do you have a cat or a dog? A kitten or a puppy? A fish or a lizard? A bird, chincilla, or tarantula? A snake or turtle? xD This is definitely for you, then!

If you don’t have a pet, you can send in a picture of a pet you’d love to have, or a drawing of one!

If you’d like to show your MiniMonos monkey friends your pets, or a pet you’d like to have, please send in your pictures to gwenw(at)minimonos(dot)com by tomorrow at the latest!

My kitten, Leon, is already waiting to help me put together the video! See? He’s on my keyboard! XD

Send in those pictures, monkeys! @(^_^)@

So do you have a pet? If not you can draw a pet that you’ll like to have…so go send in those pictures!

~wohoo 😛

Fun fact: The tip of an average tiny spider monkey’s tail is so strong that it can support the weight of the entire body.


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I love minimonos :)

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