Now Hiring! *UPDATE: Contest for Authors coming!*

Heya Monkeys! I’ve decided, I want a few more monkey authors, so…

Yep! I’m hiring some more authors!

Now, you may wonder, What do I have to do as an author?

Pretty much all you have to do is post once or twice a week, things such as High Scores, Fan Art Friday, etc, and if you want, come up with some of your own posts and guides!

What should those posts contain?

If you’re posting things like high scores, they should contain all the information on the Go Bananas blog, and then a little note at the end by you. If it’s your own post, it should contain at least one picture with your writing.

Pretty simple?

So, the requirements:

1) Be at least 0 days old on MiniMonos xDD

2) You need to have a wordpress account

3) You’ll have to be willing to give me your email. (I need it to add you to the blog)

4) Finally, you’ll have to agree to actually post xDD

So, that’s it! Leave a comment on this post if you are interested in being an author, or want to know a little more about what you would have to do as one before you agree. I’ll be hiring 2 or 3 authors! 🙂



Hey Monkeys! miniJ here! I’m going to be out of town from June 26th to July 2nd, and from July 23th to July 30th. While I’m gone, I REALLY need some new authors so I can make sure every update, glitch, and anything else really are posted. So, if you’re an author, you’ll be in a contest to win an iTunes $15 gift card! The author who posts most when I’m away wins! So, leave a comment if you’re interested in becoming one with monkey name and email (As said before, required so I can send you invite email!)! 😀

Good Luck Authors!



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  1. I would LOVE to be an author on your site! 😀
    I’m able to post on nearly every day of the week, too! 🙂
    Wait a moment. Let me create a WordPress account. 😛

    Really, being an author would be awesome.


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