Helping those in Poverty

Ever wanted to help those in Poverty, but don’t have the money to support them? Well, there’s many ways to help here’s just two of them. These are for free. They have sponsors that give them the money to pay for the food/water.

Free rice 

You’ll need to answer questions, and for every correct answer you donate 10 grains of rice. You can change your subject (there’s a tab on the very top of the site, that says subject.) Even though 10 grains of rice isn’t much but a little can make a difference. To date, Free rice has donated over 91 billions grains of rice! Click here to go to the site.



Free Poverty 

This one is similar to Free rice, but this one donates water depending how accurate you are, and it tests your knowledge around the world. Despite the fact you can not change the subject it is a very good site. To date, Free Poverty has donated over 290,629,761 cups of water! Click here to go to the site.

Remember, I’m not forcing you to do this, I’m only recommending theses sites to you

Fun Fact: Aluminum cans take about 400-500 years to break down naturally, while it only takes 12 weeks for an aluminum can to be back in the store. That’s why you should recycle aluminium cans!

Have a good-day or in my case have a good-night 😀

~Wohoo 🙂


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