This Week’s High Scores!


Woot! Hope everyone had a great week! It only gets better. 🙂 Lets see some scores!

WillMonkey Flight high scores:

Do YOU have the MiniMonos Flight app for your iPod or iPad? I just got it! 😀
 Mfhs11Jellyrugrat123 came in first with 2,791 clouds collected, Fantastic! AksZ was 2nd with 1,926 clouds and Crazy243 was 3rd place! Those scores are ROCKIN’! 😉

FlipRecycle game high scores:

Hey — Why shouldn’t we have a clean earth? Recycling is going to make it CLEANER! Hehe.

Recyclehs12Marinelife2011 came in first with a total of 2,185 items recycled! Lovin’ your name, Marinelife2011! Momu was 2nd place andMonky8s was 3rd! Sweetness!

FlipGo Go Green high scores:

Are you a Go Go Green master? 😉

Ggghs12Crashtest came in first on the list with a score of 481,000! Woah! AWESOME! 4nim4l received 2nd place and Misy came in 3rd. Nice!

IgorTicTacPoo high scores:

Did… Did you just see a fly? Hmm… We must be near TicTacPoo!

Ttphs10Monkeymite came in 1st place, I see Monkeymite is owning at this game, hehe! BannanaRama came in 2nd! Philies was 3rd! Fantastic monkeys! 😉

BeaGrow high scores:

Did you know if you play TicTacPoo right before playing Grow, you’ll be able to use compost which will earn you more when playing Grow! 😀

Growhs11Masterbanana was 1st — Again! AksZ was 2nd! Momu came in 3rd — Again! Wow, nice! You monkeys are doing great!

Hope everyone is having a great week! Mine has been incredibly busy! Hopefully I won’t be as busy next week and I’ll be able to hang out with you monkeys more. 🙂



Awesome going monkeys! You really score high on those game, keep it up,




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