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It’s Monday already?…lol not really, posting this late, in fact 2 days late. Forgive me?

Hey Monkeys!

This week Yawn decided to write a Monkey Fact Monday about Golden Lion Monkeys, or as some people like to call them — Golden Lion tamarin. You’ll find that these monkeys are pretty unique.


You can see from the picture above that Golden Lion Monkeys are small yellow-orange monkeys.

Yawn found some really interesting facts about these monkeys. The adult golden lion monkeys only weigh about 17-24 ounces. As you can see, they get the lion part of their name from the lion-like mane around their necks! Golden lion monkeys have hugely long tails — most of them measure up to 16 inches, that’s longer than their whole body!

Hope you enjoyed Monkey Fact Monday this week!

🙂 Best Bananas!

— Yawn (& Calypso!)

What an interesting post! I have learnt a lot that’s for sure.

Fun Fact: The smallest monkey is call the Pygmy Marmoset.





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