Minimonos AWESOME Updates

Hello my monkey friends, : )

Minimonos is jam packed with epic updates, it keeps getting better and better doesn’t it?

When you log in you’ll see one really quickly, there’s a new banner! Advertising about our New XPowers

New Xpowers? You might question? Well, There’s a party celebrating the 4th of July, and the MM team decided that this party would be better with themed xPowers. These Xpowers are really cool

 There is a power, ‘Go Fireworks’ which when you say it there are fireworks that light up the screen.There’s also another power, ‘Go RBW’ when you say this, red,white and blue goo will come down your screen and all the monkeys and their clothes in that will turn either red, white or blue.

Our next update is our newest Login Screen.  There’s a monkey name AfroMonk? Cool name, huh? Anyways, this advertises our new invite cards, which brings me to our next update, New Invite Cards.

As you can tell from the new login screen, There are new invite cards. (I think I’m saying new too much..)

These are much more, in my opinion, better looking. Of course your card won’t be the same as my one. It will be different for everyone.

When you visit your treehouse you’ll see a banner advertising about the new

designing interior and exterior

items contest. Do you like it? Does it help you remind to finish it off?Or, gets in the way of things?

The updates are not over yet, There is still one more. That’s right the faces. By far, this is one of the best updates…EVER. Click on the smiley icon on the rightish (that’s not a real word) bottom of the screen. There should be a screen that comes up. I think the tongue poking face is my favourite.


What do you think of these updates?

Fact: To produce each week’s Sunday newspaper, 500,000 trees must be cut down. That’s sad.



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