How to save the environment! (Number 1)

During this week, I will post ten ways to save the environment. Ten times. Yeah, that multiplies to 100 facts. Cool, hey? Anyway, here’s the first set. By the way, I’ve sourced these awesome tips from here.

1. Clean or replace air
filters on your air conditioning unit at least once a month.

2. If you have central air
conditioning, do not close vents in unused rooms.

3. Lower the thermostat on
your water heater to 120.

4. Wrap your water heater in
an insulated blanket.

5. Turn down or shut off your water heater
when you will be away for extended periods.

6. Turn off unneeded lights
even when leaving a room for a short time.

7. Set your refrigerator
temperature at 36 to 38 and your freezer at 0 to 5 .

8. When using an oven,
minimize door opening while it is in use; it reduces oven temperature by 25 to
30 every time you open the door.

9. Clean the lint filter in
your dryer after every load so that it uses less energy.

10. Unplug seldom used appliances.

Stay tuned for the next set of tips!



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I'm a young nerdfighter and MiniMonos player who lives in Victoria, Australia.

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