Monkey Of The Week!


This week’s MiniMonos Monkey of the Week participates in lots of contests, is a Go Go Green expert and has helped the New Zealand fur seal in real life!

Congratulations to Sparkcharm2!

SparkSparkcharm2 often enters MiniMonos contests and writes great comments! When she wrote: “Great entries all deserved to win – congrats and merry Christmas” it won her a prize in a Holiday Raffle hosted by Rainforest, Poseidon, and SirAwesome! Click here to check out last year’s Holiday Raffle winners!

You will have seen Sparkcharm2’s name come up heaps of times on our MiniMonos high scores!  She’s monkeytastic at Go Go Green — she got 2nd place just last week!

Sparkcharm has just become a MiniMonos EcoMonkey, with an awesomely unique eco-project, saving an animal she loves! Click here to check out how Sparkcharm2 helped the New Zealand Fur Seal!

Congratulations, Sparkcharm2, for becoming MiniMonos Monkey of the Week!

Want to be featured on Monkey of the Week? Make yourself known! Complete an eco-project, welcome new monkeys, comment on the Go Bananas blog, enter contests and talk with us on MiniMonos Island!



Wow, I love Sparkcharm2’s Eco-project, it was truly amazing! They definitely did a great job with this and deserve Monkey Of The Week for this week, congratulations!




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