Treehouse Item Votings!

Hi monkeys!

Here are the finalists for the MiniMonos Design a Treehouse Item Contest, chosen by the MiniMonos development team!

Some of these were chosen from your contest entries, and a couple were cool MiniMonos eco-projects they thought could be great treehouse items!

Interior treehouse items:

1. Phillies’ Banana Bites


2. Maja’s Pie Fridge


3. funkeymonks’ table idea:  “A coffee table made out of bananas! If you get hungry you can eat it then replace it with the other bananas!”

4. Mioster’s light idea:  “A chandelier but it has bananas on it instead.”

5. Maymun’s Pie Maker 3000:


Poll #1:

What interior treehouse item should MiniMonos make?
Phillies’ Banana BitesMaja’s Pie Fridgefunkeymonks’ tableMioster’s lightMaymun’s Pie Maker 3000


Exterior treehouse items:

1. Rexmonos’ Econator 2000:


2. Tapmancs’ Pyramid treehouse:


3. Bigfishie’s outdoor speaker idea: “A solar powered speaker (exterior) and you can choose music for your tree house on it.”

4. Moni Mini’s worm farm:


5. McDonald’s eco-friendly clothes line:


Poll #2:

What exterior treehouse item should MiniMonos make?
Rexmonos’ Econator 2000Tapmancs’ Pyramid treehouseBigfishie’s outdoor speakerMoni Mini’s worm farmMcDonald’s eco-friendly clothes line


Wow good luck to everyone in it your designs are really good!




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